Custom metal finishes

Coating and finishing of metal can have a major impact on its long term success and appearance. Steel is normally galvanized using a similar process. To form this type of steel the fabricator grounds up and mixes iron with a chemical agent. For this process they usually zinc. In addition, brass with custom metal finishes will cure this form over time. Opposite that, uncoated copper, aluminum, or titanium may need to be heated and tempered to achieve this. Brass does not rust in natural conditions. But it does produce flaking, which we can reduce with acid. Therefore, the last one also increases the product’s cost.

Custom metal finishes

All kinds of custom metal works require an attractive top layer to complete the amazing look of the interior design element. Metal finish is a thin complementary and protective layer on the metal surface. HMH Iron Design does different types of metal finishes depends on the material, color, pattern, decorative features, and purposes. Upper top is applying to provide all or some of those properties:

  • Intense electrical, chemical and tarnish resistance;
  • Decrease electrical conductivity to improve safety using of metalwork;
  • Higher durability of the complete metal product;
  • Add decorative appeal.

Choosing an appropriate metal coating type depends on the material used for manufacturing. For almost any base you can pick nickel, zinc or gold plating to make it glossy and add metallic luster. To make a product look antique better to apply patina metal. To reduce glossy and make the surface matte our HMH Iron Design fabrication shop uses powder-coated metal. For better glitter results it is also popular to apply brass lacquer. Steel finishes with mirror effect make any product looks luxury and premium class interior element.

Depending on the goal you are planning to achieve we offer color or blackened steel finish with patina, satin brush, or mirror effect. Any finishes type must fit the interior style. For example, for a modern place, it is a trend to decorate matt top for metal. In classic design, glossy finishes are more suitable. In our metal shop, we will show you custom metal surface finishes for all-purpose. If you’re still looking for metal finishing near me schedule a meeting with us on the contact page. For sure, HMH Iron Design has a large assortment of colors and structure for aesthetic design. For example, they are listed in a gallery.

Project examples

Steel metal work for 1 Hotel

Blackened steel design

Custom brass railings

Brass fireplace

Transitional railings

Shower doors