Metal grilles

Custom design architectural metal grilles can be decorative or functional. The latest serve as guard on windows and doors. Usually people install them on residential houses or first-floor apartment. They also can hold a decorative function as well. Before 2000 the ornamental iron models of grilles were dominated. But last  20 years there is a continuous trend on minimalistic industrial design. For example, in metal grilles nowadays we more often use raw steel, aluminum and brass. Also, we add a mate finishes or satin brushed cover to it. As a result, those grilles has contemporary look.

Plain geometry of grilles instead of sophisticated ornaments also stands on the first plan. We can see that if we research among modern design trends. No more heavy ornamental gates. Only straight and clear metal sheets with symmetric strict lines. We use the same principle in our design. Sometimes we do create classic grilles for houses in transitional style. But more often we get orders with contemporary grilles. In production we use brass, aluminum, steel, blackened steel, bronze. We can combine it with wood or glass parts, mix different finishes and ornaments to make it look unique. Also, we can repeat any of your design or create from a scratch.

Any of your dreamy design can be implemented into reality by our experienced craftsmen. Check our completed jobs here.

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