Laser cutting

It’s no stretch to say that laser cut has brought a new dimension to what we can achieve with bespoke metal fabrication today. Using state of the art 5-axis laser machines we do all our laser cutting work in-house. We are creating unique finishes for projects of all sizes and scopes within a limitless choice of materials.

Laser-cut provides a very precise, computer-controlled solution for cutting metal. It can be utilized in many ways, either a highly accurate cut stainless-steel plate creating dimensionally perfect pieces for any project. Or CNC laser metal cutting details into an ornamental piece.

Our laser cutter service is applicable in limitless situations. Such as creating bespoke cuts for ornamental metal products or metal fabrication laser cutting for the precise fitment of structural sheet metal. With this method, you can enjoy the precise, clean cutting of any metal material. We work with steel, iron, aluminum, bronze, brass or a variety of plate metals. Whatever the project, our laser CNC metal cutting service is the solution you are looking for.

Professional laser cutting service in Brooklyn

We offer a laser cutting service that maintains the highest standards of quality. HMH is using state-of-the-art technology. No matter the project, from perfectly cut aluminum sheet to custom laser cut steel. You can rely on HMH to provide the finest service possible at every stage. Whether a one-off bespoke piece or a run of CNC sheet metal cutting.

Our metal fabrication laser cut solutions can be integrated into other aspects of our expertise. Without a doubt, we deliver completely bespoke architectural or ornamental metalwork for the ultimate in flexibility for any project.

Our metal and aluminum laser cutting service will meet your needs. It will also match your vision and ideas with innovation and attention to detail. Therefore, if you need a unique item or a number of products, we can help you with all your custom metal laser cut needs. Our team now can implement any of your design wishes. Unique forms, original drawings, and ornaments to decorate furniture, walls, railings, canopy, or window. Let us create the best metal stylish element for your home or commercial building. Whether you want custom sign at the shop enter or signature grille on door or gates. There are no limits for a masterpiece in metal design thanks to lasercut technology.

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Project examples

Brass railings for home

Contemporary railings

Canopy for hotel