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HMH Iron Design launched in 2008 with a mission to transform metalwork design. Custom metal shop fabrication delivers fantastic shapes, sculpture and architecture that enriches our buildings, creating beautiful imagery both internally and externally. However, a metal fab shop is often only brought into a project later in the process, once design has been finalized.

At HMH Iron Design, we champion a different approach, as a metal fabrication shop, we can make projects run faster, easier and with better outcomes by being involved during the design process itself. Our expertise in the materials can help shape designs, delivering the desired imagery and texture in a more practical, efficient way.

We are metal specialists, and our understanding of the material, processes and possibilities of metal fabrication have allowed us to contribute to exceptional projects of all sizes, helping architects, contractors and design teams to deliver sumptuous, inspiring uses of metals of all kinds, in budget and on time.

Of over 700 successfully completed projects, we are proud of the fact that we have delivered each and every one within schedule. It is a testament to our approach, providing the highest quality work while maintaining project schedules. Our flexible solutions overcome any challenges to create the stunning metal fabrication expected of New York architecture, never compromising on quality while ensuring the finest results possible for every project.

We continue to work to champion having Brooklyn and New York project teams include metal fabricators in the design process, allowing for informed decision making and the inclusion of more metalwork in projects moving forwards.

Based on the vast experience of our experienced team and associates we are able to offer superior value as all our personnel have been involved in their particular discipline from the ground up making them sensitive not only to the importance of aesthetics but also to the costs associated with them. This has enabled us to offer beautiful products, construction and installation while keeping our client’s budget in mind from the very inception of the creative process.



HMH founded by Steve Hasenfeld


First biggest project

Made awning for Hilton Hotel in NY


Shop increasing

Completing at least 5 project every month

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HMH was built upon the core belief that every customer deserves the best personalized service based upon their individual vision and characteristic. HMH hand-picked a group of highly talented and experienced, designers/ architects, managers and craft persons in order to match and fulfill the individual needs of each and every client.

HMH hand-picked a group of highly talented and experienced, designers/ architects, managers and craft persons in order to match and fulfill the individual needs of each and every client.

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Time Warner Cable Business Class Helps Spark HMH Iron Design’s Success by Steve Hasenfeld

“Having Time Warner Cable Business Class come in, we had our Internet connection back up and running. Had we not…

Dear Past, Present and Future Customers,

It has come to our attention that certain nefarious individuals are attempting to misappropriate our business name to use as their own.

We have commenced legal action to ask these individuals to cease and desist using our name, and riding on our company’s coattails.

In the interim, for any new projects you may work on with our company, please call Steve Hasenfeld at 212-343-9993 to confirm that you are indeed working with the one and only and original HMH Iron Design.

As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, and in the instant case potentially criminal as well.



Steve Hasenfeld