Materials | Ironwork contractors NYC

As a one of the most experienced ironwork contractors NYC, we use different materials. Stainless steel, steel, iron, brass, aluminum, bronze in fabrication. Also, there are high range of different kinds of glass such as low iron or tempered glass. The capability of our metal shop in Brooklyn include such services as:

  • laser cut
  • plasma cut
  • engraving
  • bending
  • welding
  • wrought iron

In addition, we order rolling and casting to create custom architectural metal design pieces. Thanks to such equipment power, we are able to produce custom designed railings, staircases, furniture, awnings, doors and light fixtures. Besides that, we do decoration parts and details. Small lamps, chandeliers, shelves, wine cabinets, fireplaces. For those range of products we use diverse materials. We combine different options: blackened steel with brass parts or stainless steel with tempered glass. Most popular request is to create cabinets made of brass and glass doors or frameless glass railings. We can do both, and even more of that.

Our projects

For example, we did modular aluminum trade booth for G.H. Bass & Co or customized storefront for Supreme store in California. We enjoy various materials because it allows applying imagination and create unique design elements. As a result, all our jobs have bespoke look and impress all people who saw it. Even owners of the place are enjoying every time passing it. It should be mentioned, that as one of the ironwork contractors NYC we have a capability to apply diverse options of finishes. For instance, we use patina, powder coat, ceramic coat, satin brush to create an amazing look of a product surface.

Not only an appearance matters when choose a material and finish, but a resistance, weight, hardness and flexibility of the metal. For some cases old-style iron would fit, for another — better to stop on brass or aluminum. If you are looking for advice in picking a correct material — we are here to help!

Project examples

Glass metal railing

Glass balusters railings