Water-jet cut

waterjet utilizes a high-pressure stream of water to erode a narrow line in the stock material. Water jet cut is a precious cutting process for metal products that allows creating unique design elements. It is a method by using which there is no problem in creating even and slight edges on furniture. As a result, the water-jet cut gives an opportunity to produce unique custom designed metal pieces for the home or commercial decorating. HMH Iron Design metal fabrication shop in Brooklyn uses this instrument to implement even the bravest designing ideas to reality.

By using water jet cutting there are no boxes in creating bespoke metal decoration elements. We use it for such varied products as:

  • modern metal railing banisters;
  • window or door grilles;
  • cabinets;
  • partition walls;
  • cladding;
  • light fixtures.

The waterjet metal cut requires professional engineering at the beginning of the creation process. First, we do all measures, draw 3D model in special programs, confirm it with the customer.  Secondly, when preparation is done, we are making up a mock-up for a CNC machine. The cutter is controlled by the computer, so we transfer the draft to the controller. As a result, a water-jet machine can cut any drawing, ornaments and words on the metal.

Water jet cut in metal design

HMH metal shop uses different materials for cutting. For example, it can be bronze, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, iron. Some of the metal products can combine a few materials types at the same time. For instance, the most popular mix is a wood handrail and wrought iron banisters. Another one is steel balusters and glass panels. To make all details hold together in one composition, we have to construct connections. Therefore, waterjet cut is a stage almost in any metal project. To fabricate holes, grooves, dowels you need precious cut, that can be guaranteed only by water-jet.

Project examples

Brass modern railings

Brass spindles railing

Cold rolled blackened steel furniture

Custom metal ceiling grille

Custom railings

Glass and metal railings

Custom fireplace