Architectural metalwork for interior and exterior design

Balcony railings







Partition walls



Store fronts

Our Recent Projects

Custom designed brass spindles for residential traditional style railings made by HMH Architectural Metal&Glass

Brass wall cladding and shelving for David Yurman Soho Store

Cold rolled blackened steel railings with rivets and low iron glass partition walls, doors, windows for residential in Upper West…

Store cabinets for Faith Connexion

Folding windows for Innisfree store

Custom designed metal table

Custom made booth for G.H. Bass & Co. 12/18/2019 – 1/28/2020

Custom one of a kind contemporary brass railings. Designed by HMH Iron Design. Brooklyn Library. Satin brushed finish, ceramic clear…

Custom brass and glass partition and grille doors with patina for Sushi Restaurant in Manhattan.

Metal work

our projects

HMH Iron design are metal fabrication specialists, we use cutting edge techniques and machinery to push the limits of possibility for brass, aluminium, stainless-steel and other metals in both artistic and architectural metalwork today. Our services cover a broad range of products including custom designed, bespoke creations for ornamental metalwork and unique installations.

Our Services include:

Staircases and Railings

Both interior and exterior ironwork can be crafted to suit your designs. Crafted to the highest standards, our deluxe metalwork staircases and railings provide functional metalwork art for any project.


From simple metal work to ornamental designs, we can match your vision to create canopies of all shapes and sizes. From specific metal choices to precision metal works for complex designs, we cover everything with our renowned quality and unmatched customer service.


Transform interior spaces with superb specialized metal work. From custom cabinets to ornate tables and intricate light fittings, we can bring your vision and design to life within any space. From ornamental metal work through to basic designs, we use the latest metal work technology to deliver exceptional quality for your furniture needs.


Create an original feature in your design with a bespoke, metal works custom fabrication door. We cover driveway gates, interior and exterior doors, shower doors, study doors and flood gates. Whatever your custom-made metal work needs, we have it covered.


It’s the details that matter in any design, create bespoke architectural metalwork hardware that lifts a great design to brilliance with our unique metal work fabrication service. With a range of metals and finishes possible, you can create a completely unique finish touch for your project.

Partition walls

Our range of structural metal work solutions help you create your interior space, offering strength and adaptability that enhance your vision.            


Transform the appearance of any surface with bespoke, specialized metal work cladding.

Store fronts

Whether you are creating a futuristic look or a retro effect, custom metal work fabrication can deliver. The choice of metal and overall design create stunning effects, with hard wearing, low maintenance finishes making long-term ownership attractive.


Whether integrated into a bar or elsewhere, custom metal works grilles deliver both a practical and aesthetic focal point for your design.

Dear Past, Present and Future Customers,

It has come to our attention that certain nefarious individuals are attempting to misappropriate our business name to use as their own.

We have commenced legal action to ask these individuals to cease and desist using our name, and riding on our company’s coattails.

In the interim, for any new projects you may work on with our company, please call Steve Hasenfeld at 212-343-9993 to confirm that you are indeed working with the one and only and original HMH Iron Design.

As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, and in the instant case potentially criminal as well.



Steve Hasenfeld