For any project in New York and beyond, designing the perfect space involves not just shape and size, but the texture, color and more. HMH Iron Design not only creates stunning metalwork for both architectural and ornamental use. Also, we provide a range of patina metal finish to new or existing installations to provide the texture and color the design requires.

Using high-quality materials, an eye for detail and our experience with the process, whatever the finish required, we can deliver. Our range of steel patina solutions includes black metal patina and other steel patina colors. In addition, our patina finish is available for any metal type.

Best patina metal finishes

For interior and exterior finishes, our patina paint for metal can create any effect the project requires. From bronze patina on steel that delivers that vivid green look of aged statues to any patina effect, you may wish. We can even supply a stainless-steel patina finish for a unique, original effect.

With so many options, we can work with designers to create the perfect finish for any space or component of the overall project. The ability to choose the steel patina finishes or another metal effect opens up vast new creative opportunities. No matter, if it is a single ornamental piece or a major architectural feature such as a staircase or cladding. For instance, a gold patina for a luxurious interior, blackened steel patina for a staircase or railing. All of these things can take on a new feel in the project design with the careful use of patina.

Whatever your patina needs, HMH Iron Design in Brooklyn is the first choice for bespoke patina effects on any material. As an option, our metal shop offers other types of finishes on this page. Look at our various colors and top structure choice and pick the one that fits the best to your design.

Project examples

Brass bar design