Metal engraving, a technique of making prints from metal plates into which a design has been incised with a cutting tool called a burin. This is a method to put any drawing, text or ornament on the surface of the metal products. For engraving on metal usually use a drill different sizes, so it allows to create pictures with any level of complexity. For example, you can engrave intricate eastern pattern on the metal wall cladding. Or draw company name and address on the metal plate. HMH Iron Design metal shop in Brooklyn can deliver your idea into reality.

We work with modern progressive equipment that provides high-quality, precise and clear metal engraving. You’ll see sharp angles or smoothness where it is needed. Our CNC machine is controlled by computer. At first, we draw a draft in 3D. To implement the best creation for your job. Then we prepare a model for the machine from that it will transfer pictures to the metal. Our metal engraving machine uses various drills. Therefore, we can regulate wideness, depths, the sharpness of the lines.

Artistic metal engraving

HMH Iron Design engraves on aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, wood. We also use a combination of various materials and services to produce a high-end metal design. For instance, we use laser cut to make unique shapes, press brake to manufacture custom grills or welding to connect pieces. To meet your standards of aesthetic design element we cover it by different finishes. As a result, metal surfaces with engraving can be glossy, matte, satin-brushed. As an option, we use patina to make it look like an antique. Or you can choose any color from pink gold to blackened silver and bronze.

Our engraving on metal works you can see on this page. Our metal fabrication shop located in Gowanus, Brooklyn. You may schedule a meeting with us to start to produce your custom design!

Project examples

Custom twisted stairs

Interior stair railings