All types and sizes of architectural glass

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Ceiling design by HMH Iron Design

Brass modern  railings for home residential

Custom designed brass spindles for residential traditional style railings made by HMH Architectural Metal&Glass

Indoors glass and black metal doors for residential

Luxury chandelier by HMH Architectural metal & Glass

Cold rolled blackened steel railings with rivets and low iron glass partition walls, doors, windows for residential in Upper West…

Store cabinets for Faith Connexion

Folding windows for Innisfree store

Custom cold rolled blackened benches, fencing, exterior railing & fireplace

Glass design for unique style

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Our range of glass products enhances the bespoke metal fabrications services on offer for projects all over New York and beyond. The range of architectural glass products that we provide covers most building needs, whether it is laminated glass for office construction or architectural glass art to compliment a hotel or other public space.

With the same commitment to quality and customer service as our other services, HMH glass and architecture solutions deliver on time, every time.

Processed Glass

Also known as toughened, or tempered glass, processed glass is the perfect choice for glass work for office walls, tempered glass architecture such as skylights or other areas where a shatter incident could endanger those in the vicinity. Processed tempered glass does not shatter, instead while breaking it will remain in one sheet as much as possible, reducing risks and enhancing safety.

Flat Glass

Flat glass, also referred to as plate glass or sheet glass, is usually used for architectural glass panels used in windows and similar applications. As an architectural glass company, we can advise on specifications and applications to ensure you get the best from the material for your project.

Art Glass & Glass Crafts

Architectural decorative glass and colored glass objects can help to create a specific ambience within any interior space. In the same way that bespoke metal hardware conveys the essence of design vision in the construction, bespoke glass crafts do the same for interior design. We can work with you to create superb art glass and glass craft additions to your design, with colors and shapes crafting the perfect finishing touch to any space.

Dear Past, Present and Future Customers,

It has come to our attention that certain nefarious individuals are attempting to misappropriate our business name to use as their own.

We have commenced legal action to ask these individuals to cease and desist using our name, and riding on our company’s coattails.

In the interim, for any new projects you may work on with our company, please call Steve Hasenfeld at 212-343-9993 to confirm that you are indeed working with the one and only and original HMH Iron Design.

As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery, and in the instant case potentially criminal as well.



Steve Hasenfeld