Wall cladding

Metal interior wall cladding is a great way to enhance originality of the interior style. It is a modern design feature which fit to the industrial, high-tech, loft and rustic styles. In the HMH Iron Design metal shop in Brooklyn we do brass, stainless steel, blackened steel cladding. Also, we can but grilles, crystals and any kind of finishes on the wall. For example, we use patina, ceramic or powder coat, satin brush. The top coat can be either mate or glossy, depends on our own sense of style. There are no limits in applying the designer’s imagination and turning it to the reality. For instance, we can produce different metal parts in the decor, such as:

  • railing;
  • fireplace;
  • cabinets;
  • stairs;
  • furniture;
  • cladding.

They all would be in the same color and same material. This kind of set looks elegant and luxury. It also proves a great  impact of the bespoke design method — the unity of the different interior objects’ style. Metal wall cladding we provide is a unique and stylish compliment to the any interior. It can be a plain sheet of metal or consist of smaller tiles. In addition, it can create and ornament by pieces or can be decorated by wooden and glass parts. As a result, it looks expensive and impressive.

Some cladding ideas can be fulfilled by adding various types of top layer. Either it is a matte coating with glossy strips or stainless steel plates with brass edging. There are plenty decoration tricks to create sophisticated design for both residential and commercial. Take a look at our cladding jobs here.

Project examples

Custom metal fireplace

Brass cladding & cabinets

Feature wall