Steel metal work for 1 Hotel

Steel metal work project for One Hotel Central Park on Manhattan. We did bespoke designed entrance doors, grilled one of a kind canopy, partitions, furniture and cladding. To maintain every piece in the one industrial style we used black cold rolled steel and brass parts. In addition, we put patina and mate finish. For hotel sigh we used corten steel coating and laser cut. The main designing element is an exterior door made of wooden branches coated by patina with black frame. As a result this steel metal work design looks united with both building interior and exterior design. The designer complimented a composition by adding greens and fito wall. The contrast between fresh greens and flowers and black metal details makes a harmonic look. According to design rules, this mix is required for modern designs.

The same mix is on the corner sides of the One hotel. There we can see a corten steel sign on the green background. Mix of bright green, luxury brass and contemporary black makes the design diverse and elegant. To create the canopy we took wooden parts and connected it with blackened steel frame. We hold it to the building wall with steel strings. You can view more jobs for hotel here.

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