Brass modern  railings for home residential

Brass railing spindles

Custom designed brass spindles for residential traditional style railings made by HMH Architectural Metal&Glass

Metal framed french doors

Indoors glass and black metal doors for residential

Luxury chandelier

Luxury chandelier by HMH Architectural metal & Glass

Steel and steel railings

Cold rolled blackened steel railings with rivets and low iron glass partition walls, doors, windows for residential in Upper West…


Store cabinets for Faith Connexion

Cold rolled steel furniture and fencing

Custom cold rolled blackened benches, fencing, exterior railing & fireplace

Decoration wall for restaurant 

Custom brass and glass partition and grille doors with patina for Sushi Restaurant in Manhattan.

Interior design for Restaurant

Unique custom design by Craig Shillitto. Railings, balcony railing, glass doors, windows, folding doors, light fixtures.

Brass wine cabinet

Custom design brass wine cabinet

Glass railings

Glass frame less railings for home

Metal and wood stairs

Metal and wood stairs with glass railings by HMH Iron Design

Shower doors

Custom mirror finished shower door and hardware

Glass and metal railings

Transitional glass and metal railing for home

Brass and glass railings

3 story transitional custom home in Brooklyn. Custom Blackened cold rolled steel and brass spindles, ceramic clear coat, patina, 1/2″…